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  • Nishiazabu, Tokyo

Tea Bar : Souen Sakurai Japanese tea

Cafe? Bar?

No, this is tea bar.

In edo era, there is the tea master called Baisao. He thought the tea ceremony of Macha (powder tea) was already too fomalized and it was exclusive only for high class people. He made a tea ceremony with Sencha (tea leaf) on the street in Kyoto.

In any era, there is the person who will succeed and transform traditions. The tea bar by Shinya Sakurai is the place of that. You can have new experience of tea tradition.

There is no tatami but bar counter. He prepare the teas with the rituals which is mixed with bartender's one and tea ceremony. You can enjoy "tea course" with various teas. In the tea course there is many way to enjoy tea, for example eating tea leafs. The hole experience is like new tea ceremony.

At the night time he offer cocktail of tea. In the future, I hope he will expand tea traditions with new recipe and rituals.

Souen Sakurai Japanese Tea

1F le bain 3-16-28 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0031

+81 3 5786 0024

Close on Monday


tea course 3,800 yen~

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